The AirHD LAN device is designed for video transmission via the Internet, with LAN.

Allows to capture, encode in H.264 and transmit HD-SDI video signal.

The AirHD LAN features:

  1. Video transmission via cable Internet to the server with output to HD-SDI/ HDMI.
    Using AirHD LAN, you can easily implement video transmission, for example, from the producing studio to the camera room.
    The HD-SDI signal is sent at the entrance to the AirHD LAN. The HD-SDI or HDMI signal is output from the server (Blackmagic Mini Monitor is used for video output).
  2. Video transmission to popular video hosting and streaming channels: Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Ustream, Google Hangouts and others.
  3. Additionally, the AirHD server software (included in the delivery) allows to output recorded or streamed video to HD-SDI/HDMI from various RTMP sources: Youtube, Facebook Live, Ustream, Google Hangouts.

Configuration:: 1. System unit
2. Server software (for transfer to stream channels (Youtube, etc.) or RTMP server)
3. Control software (installed on the phone or tablet)
Video resolution:: 1920×1080 FullHD, 1280×720 HD, 720×576 SD
Video convertation from 1920×1080 FullHD to 720×576 SD (Letterbox/Pan & Scan)
Video codec: H.264 AVC high profile
Audio codec: AAC
Video sharing: To your website, streaming Internet Channel (Youtube, Facebook Live, Ustream, Google Hangouts), server with the ability to output to SDI / HDMI, CDN by RTMP
Interfaces:: One to choose from: HD-SDI or HDMI
Communication modules: LAN
Power supply: Operation from electric mains
Control: By mobile phone or tablet
Dimensions: System unit: 20x15x5 cm; Weight 1.5 kg.