AirHD 110 Mini

The mobile device AirHD 110 Mini is connected to the camera and allows you to broadcast FullHD video online, via several USB modems using 3G / 4G (LTE) networks.

As the first developers of such systems in Russia, we take into account the specifics of Russian telecom operators. The standard configuration does not include USB modems. Download brochure

General information

The AirHD 110 Mini system is placed in a small carrying case carried over the shoulder and allows to transmit high resolution streaming video via 3G/4G LTE networks, using a multi-modem technology. This transmission uses 4 standard USB modems, to which SIM cards of cellular operators (MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Yota, etc.) with Internet traffic are inserted. The video stream is transmitted via all modems simultaneously, which significantly increases the stability and video transmission quality. To start broadcasting, you only need to connect AirHD 110 Mini to the video camera and insert USB modems with SIM cards of cellular operators. A simple interface and automatic system setup will allow you to quickly start the broadcast. The video is transmitted to the server, CDN or Internet stream channels (ustream, youtube). The system is compatible with all major cellular operators. It works both with web and professional video cameras. The difference from AirHD 110 Pro AirHD 110 Mini is designed as a simpler, easier and more affordable alternative to the AirHD 110 Pro system.
  • In Mini there are no separate antenna blocks, built-in antennas of USB modems are used
  • Another form factor of equipment
  • The battery is not removable, without Hot-Swap
  • Delivered without a tablet
  • No remote server control
Nevertheless, AirHD 110 Mini retains the basic functionality of the older version and allows to broadcast FullHD video from anywhere and on the move even by a car. System Features
  • The system takes into account the specifics of Russian telecom operators
  • It works simultaneously with different cellular networks (multi-mobile)
  • It supports all telecom operators in the region
  • It is possible to use 3G or 4G LTE networks simultaneously
  • Automatic change of bitrate (adaptive bitrate)
  • Broadcast delay in cellular networks is 5 seconds
  • LAN video transmission with a delay of 2 seconds
Principle of operation
  1. The camera is connected to the AirHD equipment via SDI or HDMI cable
  2. Video from the camera goes to the AirHD encoder, where it is converted and transmitted via 6 modems by 3G/4G networks to the Internet
  3. Video gets to your server, from where it can be broadcasted or recorded. The delay time till the air is about 5 seconds/li>

The package Includes:

  • The AirHD 110 Mini device with built-in battery
  • Cord for connecting SDI or HDMI
  • Bag for mobile use
  • Client and server control software


The control software (client) can be installed to any mobile phone or tablet, and from there the operate system contol can be done during shooting. The client allows to change the next options:
  • Selecting the source and video resolution
  • Broadcast Bitrate
  • Selecting 3G-4G LTE modem mode
  • Selecting the source and video resolution
We help to install and configure the server software to your equipment. With the help of the server you select the basic settings of the system and carry out remote control of the broadcast at the place of reception and output of the signal on the air (control room) .The server is completely independent, only you have access to it and transmitted and stored content. The requirement for installing server software: Win 8-10 OS, processor is not lower than i7, RAM is 6 GB. The server allows to:
  • View the transmitted video
  • Select video output devices
  • Set the delay time
  • Manage the recorded video


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Product: AirHD 110 Mini
  1. System unit with built-in battery
  2. Server software (for transfer to youtube or rtmp server)
  3. Control software (installed on your phone or tablet)
  4. Cable to connect the SDI or HDMI camera
  5. Bag-case for mobile use (optional)
Video resolution 1920×1080 FullHD, 1280×720 HD, 720×576 SD
Video codec

H.264 AVC high profile

Audio codec


Video sharing To your website, streaming Internet channel (Youtube), server, CDN

One to choose from: HD-SDI, HDMI, USB

Communication modules 4-6 USB modems 3G/4G LTE (modems are sold separately), LAN
Communication standards 3G UMTS, 4G LTE
Power supply Battery (up to 2 hours of video), operation via electric mains
Control Via mobile phone or tablet
  1. Work simultaneously with different cellular networks (Multi-Mobile)
  2. Work simultaneously in several 3G and 4G communication standards
  3. Technology of continuous broadcasting, and changes in bitrate (Adaptive Bitrate)
  4. Automatic system of error correction of video (Clear Stream)
  5. Setting the time delay for streaming video from 2 to LAN and 5 seconds via cellular network (On Time)
  6. A separate communication channel with the operator
  7. *GPS/Glonass tracking of the place of the video operator on the map (OpLocator) - *optionally
Dimensions System unit: 22 x 12 x 12 cm; Weight 1.5 kg.

TV broadcasting on the air 1. TV broadcasting on the air
Until recently, to transfer high-quality video from the streets in a live broadcast, a minibus was needed that was connected to an expensive satellite network and served by several people. Today, you only need to connect the AirHD 110 to the camcorder and one operator can record live broadcasts using regular cellular tariff plans 3G / 4G LTE networks. Eliminating the cumbersome hardware, long connectivity, complex maintenance, our technology opens up entirely new dimensions of mobility and ease of broadcasting.
2. Online media and online video
In the modern world, the speed of response, interactivity and the possibility of online coverage of events form the success and relevance of online media and news blogs. Mobile equipment AirHD 110 will allow you to broadcast online video from the thick of events for your audience, instantly responding to its interests. Using local sim cards or roaming In other countries, you can shoot international stories, transporting equipment in the usual baggage. For shooting, it's enough to connect to an AirHD 110 regular webcam.
Online media and online video
Use in enterprises for remote control 3. Use in enterprises for remote control
Easy to use AirHD 110 allows you to perform operational audio and visual monitoring of work at remote sites of industrial enterprises. Specialists or management can stay at their workplaces, sending less skilled personnel to the fields and performing remote management of several objects at once. Field conditions and the ability to deploy broadband Internet will allow to always stay connected in companies with high territorial diversification. The lighting of business events and corporate events online, which employees of interurban branches will be able to monitor, will increase their ownership and will allow them to feel themselves as part of one company.
4.Interaction in emergency situations
Mobile video surveillance in real time opens up an entirely new level of coordination and interaction of control centers with operational staff in the field of emergency events. Law enforcement agencies and national security agencies, firefighting, transport security and emergency medical services often require immediate response measures in difficult situations. Mobile video transmission system AirHD 110 from the scene directly to the screens of medical organizations, public safety centers, transport management or the Ministry of Emergency Situations can be invaluable for making decisions in critical situations. GPS / Glonass tracking of the location of the operator allows you to monitor the movements on the map.
Interaction in emergency situations


AirHD is based in Moscow and has been developing streaming video broadcasting technologies over wireless networks since 2012. We are the only Russian manufacturers of such equipment.Our equipment uses its own video transmission technologies for 6 modems simultaneously.

The equipment is designed specifically for Russian cellular networks, while allowing you to work with several cellular operators at once, using unique algorithms for uninterrupted broadcasting, adaptive bit-rate and error correction.

When transferring video, software that is installed on the user's server is used, so confidentiality is under your complete control.

We have been successfully using the systems created by us for the past 5 years, participating in exhibitions (CSTB, NATEXPO, ITVF) and winning in technological competitions:

Russian tech in Tokyo Game Show 2012

Start Fellows (Yuri Milner and Pavel Durov)

100 Innovators, the Open Innovation Forum

Live Mobile Congress in the IMI.VC Fund Contest


Among our clients:

McDonalds, M.Video, Pfizer, Nobu, M1, TNT, CTB, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscomsport, Russian Cycling Federation, Russian Surfing Federation, Knight Frank and many other companies.


The quality of our equipment is confirmed by the largest Russian TV companies (VGTRK, STS, ORT, Zvezda, Life) and is used in the park of TV companies (National TV and Radio Company Ingushetia, Max Media, etc.).

Our live webcasts on the site:
Our possibilities: We carry out video broadcasts both from premises and from streets, from stationary or moving cameras. Video can be streamed to the Internet by means of youtube, your website or a demo monitor/projector. If you have your cameras, we can transfer video from them, or provide professional operators, with all the necessary equipment. Broadcasts options:
  • Concerts, mass events, Online video broadcasts (from 02.47.00)
  • Sports events, Live competitions broadcasts
  • Online video tours about enterprises
  • Coverage of live corporate events (start from the 12th minute)
  • Lectures and seminars with the translation of video to the Internet
  • Online video bridges from work sites, at industrial sites
Cost Basic version (1 camera broadcasting via Youtube Live for 5 hours): 15 thousand rubles. Additional options:
  • Multi сameras broadcasting
  • Professional operators
  • Professional TV cameras
  • Directing video and audio mixing
  • Shooting from moving cars
  • Broadcasting simultaneously in the Internet and on street monitors
  • Broadcasting from multiple locations
Call us and we will arrange the broadcasting of your events online!


1. What is the warranty for the AirHD 110 Mini equipment?

- Support: within 1 month after purchase of the equipment: adjustment and full remote support is included in the cost, equipment can be returned or replaced.

2. Is it possible to buy the completed AirHD server?

Yes we can set the completed server. Typical configurations:

- AirHD 110 Tower: Win 10, Intel Core i7 4790, 3600 MHz, 8192 MB, 1000 GB, Intel HD Graphics 4600 1024 MB, DVD-RW, 1000 Mbps, Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Monitor

- AirHD 110 Unit: Win10, Intel Core i7 4790, 3600 MHz, 8192 MB, 1000 GB, Intel HD Graphics 4600, DVD-RW, 1000 Mbps, Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Monitor

3. Which SDI output card is recommended for the server?

The Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Monitor card contains SDI and HDMI outputs.

4. What type of batteries can be used with your equipment?

- The Mini solution uses a built-in battery.

5. Is it possible to record as files (in which format) on the receiving server?

- Yes, the stream of H.264, format .ts

6. Is the battery charged when AirHD is connected to the network?

- Yes, it is.

7. Is there a priority for switching on and off and - server, mobile unit.

- Yes, first of all a server is switched on

8. How many audio channels can be attached to SDI?

- Only 2.

9. Is it possible to transmit multi-format signals: SD SDI 4: 3 SD SDI 16: 9 HD SDI 16: 9

The video capture card allows you to receive data in these formats.

10. Is it possible to use AirHD 110 Mini to broadcast previously recorded content to the hard drive when there is no input video signal?

- Yes, there is a possibility of transmitting the deferred recording to the server and the following broadcasting via the server to on the air.

11. Is this device suitable for transmitting multicast broadcasts from TCP?

- The equipment can be connected to a video mixer via the HD-SDI interface and broadcast taken from several cameras stream.

12. Video is transmitted directly to the Internet, for example, to the CDN-network and for ""collecting"" the multistream isn't necessary to have an intermediate server?

- The video is removed from the camera and the mixer, it is transmitted via the cellular network to the Internet, from where it comes to the server. From the server it can be output either to HD-SDI or to CDN, or to other output systems in RTMP format.