AirHD SDI-LAN-SDI - a hardware-software solution that allows FullHD video streaming SDI-to-SDI (peer-to-peer) over the Internet or a dedicated line (VPN, etc.). The input signal is SD/HD-SDI. The output signal is SD/HD-SDI or HDMI.


Consists of:

  • Encoder receives an SD/HD-SDI video signal from a source (camera, video mixer, others) encoding it (H.264) and transmitting to the Server over the Internet using LAN connection.
  • Decoder (server) receives a signal over the Internet using LAN and outputs video to SD/HD-SDI or HDMI.


  • To transfer stream video SDI-to-SDI over the Internet (LAN).
    Example: to transfer from SDI camera or mixer located in NY studio video signal to the LA studio and make a live broadcast.
  • Implement RTMP streaming online: Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, others.
    Example: to stream from SDI cameras to Youtube.
  • To manually change the video bitrate in real time, without stopping the broadcast.
    Example: normalization of the broadcast in situation with insufficient stable Internet bandwidth without stopping broadcast (unlike most other encoders)


Encoder is available in 2 versions::

  1. Mini PCI-E or PCI-E card for PC installation, plus encoder software.
  2. Out-of-box encoder unit.

Decoder is available in 3 versions:

  1. Free software decoder.
  2. Free software decoder + SD/HD-SDI or HDMI output card.
  3. Assembled decoding server in a rack or desktop form factor.

Price: $2000 - $4000, depending on the configuration.


Product: AirHD SDI–LAN–SDI
Input signal SD/HD-SDI
Output signal SD/HD-SDI or HDMI
Delays 1,5 - 2 seconds
Bitrates from 300 Kbit/s to 30 Mbit/s
Video resolutions 1920×1080p@30/25/24fps, 1920×1080i@60/50fps, 1280×720p@60/50fps, 720×480p@60fps, 720×480i@60fps, 720×576i@50fps
Video codec H.264 AVC high profile
Audio codec AAC
Control Via WEB-interface
Could be used with smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi: 802.11.
Power From mains


AirHD is based in Moscow and has been developing streaming video broadcasting technologies over wireless networks since 2012. We are the only Russian manufacturers of such equipment.Our equipment uses its own video transmission technologies for 6 modems simultaneously.

The equipment is designed specifically for Russian cellular networks, while allowing you to work with several cellular operators at once, using unique algorithms for uninterrupted broadcasting, adaptive bit-rate and error correction.

When transferring video, software that is installed on the user's server is used, so confidentiality is under your complete control.

We have been successfully using the systems created by us for the past 5 years, participating in exhibitions (CSTB, NATEXPO, ITVF) and winning in technological competitions:

  • Russian tech in Tokyo Game Show 2012
  • Start Fellows (Yuri Milner and Pavel Durov)
  • 100 Innovators, the Open Innovation Forum
  • Live Mobile Congress in the IMI.VC Fund Contest

Among our clients:

McDonalds, M.Video, Pfizer, Nobu, M1, TNT, CTB, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscomsport, Russian Cycling Federation, Russian Surfing Federation, Knight Frank and many other companies.


The quality of our equipment is confirmed by the largest Russian TV companies (VGTRK, STS, ORT, Zvezda, Life) and is used in the park of TV companies (National TV and Radio Company Ingushetia, Max Media, etc.).

Our live webcasts on the site:
Our possibilities: We carry out video broadcasts both from premises and from streets, from stationary or moving cameras. Video can be streamed to the Internet by means of youtube, your website or a demo monitor/projector. If you have your cameras, we can transfer video from them, or provide professional operators, with all the necessary equipment. Broadcasts options:
  • Concerts, mass events, Online video broadcasts (from 02.47.00)
  • Sports events, Live competitions broadcasts
  • Online video tours about enterprises
  • Coverage of live corporate events (start from the 12th minute)
  • Lectures and seminars with the translation of video to the Internet
  • Online video bridges from work sites, at industrial sites